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Daris Wilson, an accountant, coach, and entrepreneur, discusses how he came to open JCF Health and Fitness. Founder Daris Wilson started participating in organized sports at 5 years old, and eventually went to Bucknell University on a football scholarship. Upon graduation, Daris returned home to New Orleans and a position as an accountant. Hurricane Katrina forced him to evacuate to New Jersey where he got a job on the NYSE. In the meantime, he was providing personal training services for his wife and a few other women before and after work. A desire for more balance in his life led to running an ad on Craigslist and starting to build his training clientele. A passion for this work and a desire to share it with others inspired him. After Hurricane Sandy hit in the Jersey City area, Daris decided to make JCF his primary foundation and to grow his business. He restructured JCF and is now looking to open more locations and expand his role. Daris wants to focus on helping more people reach their goals and change their lives through fitness.

The Prompt:

Review the JCF Health and Fitness Case video through the following link below- (opens in new window).

Respond to the following questions in the discussion forum:

Why is having a passion for what you do so important?

  1. What personal characteristics do you believe helped Wilson succeed as an entrepreneur and build JCF Health and Fitness into the growing business it is today?
  2. What other types of services could JCF offer?
  3. Why do you think Wilson emphasized the importance of finance and bookkeeping when planning a start-up? What problems arise if entrepreneurs do not keep track of the money flowing in and out of the business?


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