–What are the names of the three steps of aerobic respiration o What goes into each one.just the beginning. o What comes out of each one.

–What are the names of the three steps of aerobic respiration

o  What goes into each one….just the beginning. 

o  What comes out of each one…what is being produced that is needed

o  Where do each of the three steps occur inside a cell?

o  What is the alternate name of the citric acid cycle?

o  In the Citric Acid Cycle, NADH and FADH2 are produced. What do these NADH and FADH2 molecules provide to step 3 that is important? 

o  How many ATP are produced from each step of aerobic respiration?

o  Low carb diets often remove the sugar from the body that cells need in order to perform aerobic respiration. Yet, if aerobic respiration stopped, the organism would die. Explain how lipids and proteins can feed into the aerobic respiration pathways in the absence of carbohydrates (sugars)

o  Critical thinking: Appreciate and understand that one of the most important reasons why you have evolved a heart, blood vessels, lungs, blood itself, red blood cells, and hemoglobin to carry oxygen and carbon dioxide, is simply to provide the cell, specifically the mitochondrion, with all of the resources it needs to make ATP.

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