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The Briefs illustrate the operation of international law within the broader historical, political, socioeconomic, and cultural context of contemporary international relations. you will write a short Brief providing an argument opposed to Universality of Human Rights . Your argument must include an examination of the interplay of legal, political and (where applicable) moral/ethical factors in that issue.

Writing the Brief

Do not merely summarize the articles (listed below). You should assume everyone has read the articles. Create an outline for your brief. An outline will help you to organize all of the points, laws/regulations, and factual information relevant to that issue.

The general Brief format includes the following topic headings in the following order: “Introduction,” “Factual Background,” “Argument,” and “Conclusion.”

  1. Complete your introduction section by outlining your position on the issue(s) and providing an explanation as to why you have taken this position. This is your main argument. Make sure you acknowledge any counter-arguments.
  2. Provide a factual background section by recounting the facts relevant to your issue (this information is available in the readings).
  3. Complete the argument section by creating an introductory paragraph that lists each argument that you will make throughout the remainder of the section.
  4. Make your argument. This is the part of the brief where you present your case. Analyze why international law supports the position you are taking. State other reasons (political, economic, moral/ethical, etc.) in support of your argument. Generally, you should make your strongest arguments first, followed by secondary arguments.
  5. Acknowledge the counter-argument(s), and explain why your argument is stronger.

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