Take responsibility for an article addressing diversity issues. Write a summary/reaction to the article and lead a discussion by posing several thought provoking questions.


Select an article from those pre-selected to summarize (Attached is the article chosen)

Investigate (google) the author; determine as best you can the basis for their authority and share with your group.

Write a summary (first!) and a reaction of approximately 2 pages.

What did you learn from the article?

What was surprising?

Did you agree/disagree with the author’s point of view?

Was the author convincing?

Include a citation on your written summary.

Include 3 thought provoking questions about the article.

Present your summary to your group and lead a discussion with the aid of your three questions.

Consider your personal reaction to the article. Determine if you want your group to agree with your opinion. Ask for your group’s input on aspects of the topic or article that are confusing, seem illogical, are not clear, or are omitted.

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