Write an Offer Letter

Offer Letter Instructions

Write an offer letter to the candidate of your choice. Use the business letter format included below. Be sure to include position title, compensation, start date, the date by which you would like the candidate to confirm acceptance of the position, as well as any other pertinent information. Instructions for All Written Assignments apply to this letter. The tone should be welcoming and professional. Submit as a Word document using the Turnitin link below by Sunday, 11:59 PM.

(Type the date) Date, name and business address should be single spaced

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(Type your business address)

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(Type the recipient’s name) Name and address should be single spaced

(Type the recipient’s address)

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(Type the salutation)

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(Type the body of the letter here. Be sure to use paragraphs effectively.)

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Your name Name, title and company should be single spaced

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