Write two academic research papers on any current public health law of your choice following the requirements below.

You will research, analyze and submit two(2) papers on current public health law and policy law issues of your choice, (e.g., Public Water System Fluoridation) from the perspective of the applicable legal, regulatory, and policy requirements. The paper must introduce the topic, describe the threat(s) to public health, assess the effectiveness of the governmental response/agency program(s) in addressing the public health threat(s) and, if required, propose potential local, state, federal, or international legislative, administrative, judicial, political, and/or social solutions. The papers should be a minimum of 5 type written pages each (excluding cover page, table of contents, reference page, and other filler pages) double spaced with a 12-point font size and 1-inch margins. A minimum of 3 academic quality articles, books, government documents, etc. are required for citation referencing for each paper.

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