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Hamlet Fire is about a fatal fire in a chicken factory that was caused by unsafe working conditions. This chapter tells about the struggles of working class Americans in the modern era. After reading this, answer the following:

1. Did anything surprise you about this reading? Cite examples.
2. Based on what you learned about a profile, would you call this a good example of a profile? Why or why not?
3. What kinds of issues were the characters connected with? What kinds of rhetoric (pathos, ethos, logos) were used by the author?
4. Were there any examples of vivid description that made the story more readable? Why or why not?

*Please note that this reading contains racially explicit language, contact me with any concerns.

1-2 pages
Double Spaced
Standard Margins
12 point font

Grade of A means: the writing is well developed, original, and succeeds in mastering new techniques and knowledge. The writing shows risks that work.


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