Writing Style Practice HW





When it comes to Technical Communication, we stress the importance of “clear and concise” writing as that is the most user-friendly way to communicate in the professional world. Chapter 9 in your textbook discusses numerous techniques for accomplishing this clear and concise style, focusing on the words you choose, how you construct your sentences, and what “voice” you use to address readers. 



– Bold or Underline your modified sentence so that it stands out for your audience. 

– should be finished in 12 hours from now

– put the work on word document 


Sentece Practice


A. Without altering the meaning of the following sentences, reduce the number of words in them


1.After having completed work on the data-entry problem, we turned our thinking toward our next task, which was the processing problem. 



2.Those who plan federal and state programs for the elderly should take into account the changing demographic characteristics in terms of size and average income of the composition of the elderly population.



3.Would you please figure out what we should do and advise us?



4.The result of this study will be to make total whitewater recycling an economical strategy for meeting federal regulations. 



B. Rewrite the following sentences in a way that will keep the related words together. 


1.This stamping machine, if you fail to clean it twice per shift and add oil of the proper weight, will cease to operate efficiently. 



2.The plant manager said that he hopes all employees would seek ways to cut waste at the supervisory meeting yesterday. 



3.About 80 percent of our clients, which include over 1,500 companies throughout North and South America and a few from Africa, where we’ve built alliances with local distributors, find the help provided at our website to be equivalent in most cases to the assistance supplied by telephone calls to our service centers. 



4.Once they wilt, most garden sprays are unable to save vegetable plants from complete collapse. 


C. Rewrite the following sentences to put the action in the verb


1.The experience itself will be an inspirational factor leading the participants to a greater dedication to productivity. 



2.The system realizes important savings in time for the clerical staff



3.The implementation of the work plan will be the responsibility of a team of three engineers experienced in these procedures. 



4.Both pulp and lumber were in strong demand, even though rising interest rates caused the drying up of funds for housing. 


D. Rewrite the following sentences in active voice


1.Periodically, the shipping logs should be reconciled with the daily billings by the Accounting Department. 



2.Fast, accurate data from each operating area in the foundry should be given to us by the new computerized system. 



3.Since his own accident, safety regulations have been enforced much more conscientiously by the shop foreman. 



4.No one has been designated by the manager to make emergency decisions when she is gone. 

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