Week 8 Oral Presentation of Term Paper

Prepare a 10–15 minute Oral Presentation summarizing the key points of the Final Term Paper. Submit your Oral Presentation PowerPoint slide deck.

Oral Presentation

Your oral presentation will consist of PowerPoint slides comprised of talking points for a 10–15 minute total presentation duration. No more than 10 slides should be used. The Oral Presentation is intended as a summary of your research, analysis, conclusions, and recommendations.

See attached Oral Presentation Guidelines, Rubric, and Best Practice

Week 8 Oral Presentation of Term Paper

Presentation Guidelines:


  Suggested Time
Setup   (prior to start of presentation)  
1)    Introduction and Description of Topic 1 minutes
¨       Convey the reason for the research.  
2)    Analysis 3 minutes
¨       Explain the analysis of the research (research reviewed).  
¨       Does the analysis support the topic?  
3)    Recommendations 3 minutes
¨       Are the recommendations aligned with the topic and analysis?  
¨       Are the recommendations clear?  
4)    Summary 2 minutes
¨       PowerPoint slides will work for this section—talk about standards, approach, and so forth.  
5)    Conclusions 1 minutes
¨       Does the conclusion support the analysis and recommendations?  

Total Time (not including set up time)

10 minutes


Week 8 Presentation Grading Rubric


Category Points  % Description
Content 40 40 Does the presentation convey the reason for the research, the steps taken, the suggestions for action, and conclusions reached?
Organization and Cohesiveness 30 30 Is the PowerPoint presentation well organized?

Is there an introduction?

Are transitions used between thoughts and topics?

Is there a conclusion?

Does the content of the presentation cover the major areas of the paper with enough information to give the audience an understanding of the topic, the analysis, recommendations, and summary?

Length of the presentation 10 10 Is the presentation at least 5 minutes long but no more than 10 minutes?
No more than 10 slides 10 10 Have slides been used frequently but with no more than 10 for the presentation?

Have the slides been used as support for talking points rather than having too much information on them (or reading from them)?

Narration 10 10 Was the verbal presentation clear and crisp?

Does the presenter appear confident and prepared?

Total 100 100 A quality oral presentation will meet or exceed all of the above requirements.


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