a touristic destination campaign vs a touristic

Marketing course: Students are required to analyze and compare a touristic destination campaign vs a touristic

company campaign.

Use an example of two real campaigns to develop your assignment.

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• Present the two examples you will use and the time frame of the campaigns (introduction to cover each campaign briefly)

o What are the objectives of the campaigns?

• Highlight the main differences of the two types of campaigns (you can create a table comparing differences, such as the year of the

campaigns release, goals, design, country/region that it aims to target, channels used…)

o Who is in charge of the campaign?

o What kind of partners can be involved and can help promoting the Campaign?

• Analyse the target of the campaigns.

o Define the final target, and B2B specialists also targeted in the campaign

o How are they trying to influence different target groups (B2C case: age, gender, nationalities, social class)? Describe cultural differences of

main target groups that can affect consumer behavior.

• Compare the communication strategy used

o Develop a communication SWOT analysis of the two campaigns (2 SWOT analyses should be presented)

o Analyse the campaign’s main communication elements: Consumer Insights and slogan.

o What are the main channels/activities used to promote the message? PR, events, fairs, social media, partnerships, sponsorship, CSR…

• Compare the results of both campaigns (u can create a table to compare social media results, number of views, likes, followers, etc)



• How would you improve each campaign (personal opinion)? You can also suggest improving the campaign by using an example of

any other successful campaign (its methods, techniques) to reach success.



o Type: Report in Microsoft Word

o Word count: 2500-3000 words.

o Cover, Table of Contents, References, and Appendix are excluded of the total word count.

o Font: Arial, size 12,5

o Text alignment: Justified

o The in-text References and the Bibliography have to be in Harvard’s citation style.

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