Approach to the global market challenge

Assignment 2 (2 pages)

Propose and explain the approach to the global market challenge and explain its significance and why this approach was selected.

In this section, explain your approach to the issue you have selected. Explain how you are conducting the research and any hypotheses you have. Since you will not be conducting primary research in this course, explain any proposal for future primary research. Conduct secondary research or find secondary research that supports your approach and supports (or does not support) your research. Make sure that you thoroughly explain all the assumptions and relationships. This section can explore the global business environment as well.

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Discussion (250 words – 300 words)


Each year, the Interbrand consultancy compiles a ranking of global brands. The top-ranked brands for 2017 are shown in Table 10-2 in the textbook. Browse through the list and choose any brand that interests you. Compare its 2017 ranking with the most recent ranking, which you can find online at How has the brand’s ranking changed?

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