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Write a hypothetical news report about biotechnology in the future



1. Familiarize yourself with the biotechnologies in the textbook readings and the presentation. Also, familiarize yourself with science journalism for a layperson audience, such as that of (Links to an external site.), (Links to an external site.),, (Links to an external site.), (Links to an external site.) and many more.

2. Invent a fictitious, but biologically plausible, use of an existing biotechnology that we have learned about in our course. This could be anything from the trendy new gene therapy tattoos fashion, to an athletic scandal involving genetic doping, to the newest zoo exhibit of a de-extincted animal or a spectacular medical treatment, but you must make sure to be able to explain the plausibility of the choice.

3. Write a news article from the year 2034 about the use of your fictitious use of biotechnology. Include in your article, biological details about how scientists were able to accomplish this new achievement. Put this new achievement in perspective with the historical context of the road leading up to this biotech and the potential next steps that researches might take next (remember this is from 2034).

4. Also aIDress in any social, cultural, and/or ethical issues that are applicable to your choice in the article.

5. You must meet a minimum of 800 words for this project.

6. You must submit your article through TurnItIn

7. Please cite all sources



1. Choose one biotechnology that you are excited about, and research it thoroughly. Deeper understanding of the subject will make for better results with this project.

2. Feel free to touch on interesting cultural and ethical notes about your breakthrough in biotechnology. Tell your readers what it will mean to them as well as what it will mean to the scientists.

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