Book review of how we do harm by otis webb brawley MD

Book review of how we do harm by otis webb brawley MD
NOTE: You will create new Word documents for each part of this Assignment instead of
typing directly into this document.
Overview: Book Review
You selected one of the designated books to read. You will now write a book review that
expresses your motivation for selecting the particular book, the impression the book made on you
and information from the book that either corroborates or contradicts another reliable source.
Before you begin writing, outline your responses to the criteria listed in the rubric and instructions.
Find information from at least one other source regarding the same topic, and record the correct
APA citation information for that source. Use language and examples that demonstrate your
understanding of course concepts, and reflect your personal position on the author’s stance.
Write professionally and concisely, and be sure to proof your Book Review before submitting it.
? Analyze the impact of the Healthy People initiatives on health promotion for the
U.S. population.
? Discuss the current state of complementary and alternative modalities (CAM) in the
U.S. health care delivery system.
? Discuss the impact politics has on health promotion initiatives for the population.
? Discuss the current recommendations for age-appropriate exercise.

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