DB8321 Capella University Green Supply Chains Paper

Green Supply Chains

Assignment Overview

For this assignment, you will recommend green design changes to a global supply chain by considering key performance indicators (KPIs).

Assignment Directions

To complete this assignment:

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  • Research either Clif Bar or Continental Tires further.
  • Identify governmental, legal, and environmental issues related to the pursuit of KPIs, and cultural sensitivities associated with the supply chain.
  • Write a 3–4 page paper in which you:
    • Describe the global supply chain and identify KPIs managers could use to drive green design changes.
    • Evaluate governmental, legal, and environmental issues related to the pursuit of the improved environmental performance.
    • Evaluate the supply chain’s cultural sensitivity and any potential or actual consequence that can result from misinterpreting local business norms.
    • Recommend green design changes to the supply chain based on the KPIs.
    • Develop or identify at least two ethical standards of conduct statements for the chain that enforce sensitivity to local cultures.
    • Discuss how a code of ethics can prevent greenwashing.


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