DB8321 Capella University Quantitative Techniques to Solve Problems

Using Quantitative Techniques to Solve Problems

Assignment Overview

In this assignment, you will demonstrate your ability to use quantitative techniques to solve OSCM problems. You will use linear programming techniques to solve a resource allocation and a transportation problem, and simulation techniques to solve an operations management problem. The linear programming technique was demonstrated in your Unit 9 study; the demonstration is also linked in the Resources for this assignment.

Assignment Directions

  1. To complete this assignment, solve the following three problems from your Operations Management: Processes and Supply Chains text:
    • Chapter 13, page 536, Question 16. Solve this problem with the simplex method.
    • Supplement D, page 430, Problems 11 and 12. Solve this problem with the simplex method.
  2. Post your solutions to the problems and discuss how these methods might be helpful to one of the cases (Continental Tire, Clif Bar, or Starwood Hotels) to solve problems they may be facing.
    • Why do you think they might be helpful?
    • What problems would they solve?
    • How might applying this simulation enhance a manager’s judgments or experience?

Write a paragraph on why a manager of your chosen case study would benefit from this course.

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