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Your initial response should be at least 150 words of content; subsequent responses to your classmates or instructor should be at least 75 words. Be sure to review the Discussion Board Grading Rubric for all other requirements.

Patient Bill of Rights

Respecting the rights of patients is essential in providing good healthcare. To put your newly acquired knowledge into practice, discuss with your classmates what you feel the most important right to afford a patient is, and why.

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Reply to one person

Jovan Salazar

HS290 Associates Capstone in Health Science

January 9, 2020

Today there are plenty of patient rights in the United States but the one that I feel is the most important is Access to emergency services, “if you have severe pain, an injury, or sudden illness that makes you believe that your health is in danger, you have the right to be screened and stabilized using emergency services. You should be able to use these services whenever and wherever you need them, without needing to wait for authorization and without any financial penalty.” (Navicent Health, 2020). Having access to healthcare I believe is the most important, because in America plenty of hospitals or facilities deny healthcare due to no insurance. To deny someone healthcare that truly needs it I feel is wrong and is a crime, as in the military we treat everyone regardless. The goal for access to healthcare is to attain the best outcome possible through locations where we as the people need healthcare and finding a provider with this access to feel comfortable with to keep on going to every time, we need it. But to deny someone healthcare is wrong and that’s why I feel it is the most important right.


Navicent Health. (2020). Patient Rights. Retrieved January 9, 2020, from https://www.navicenthealth.org/patient-rights.html.


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