discussion and response

Inability to Significantly Reduce Crime Chapter 7

DB # 4:If the first letter of your last name begins within the first 13 letters of the

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alphabet write Essay Question #1 in Chapter 7 and then fully provide an answer.

If the first letter of your last name begins within the first 13 letters of the

alphabet write Essay Question #2 in Chapter 7 and then fully provide an answer.

This will be a response 150 words


After reading chapter 4 I related to it a lot because I do private security down town on the weekends. On a typical shift I must guard the specific exit that was assigned to me, keep everything around me secure, control the movement of people, check credentials, understand body language, and decide what’s the best approach to use to deal with different people. People often mistake the guard as someone who just stands by the door and check IDs but there are multiple things that a guard has to be aware of while working in a specific area. The book describes a guard as someone who “protects people and property through diligent inspection, control access and exits of a location, patrol, and observation of changes in an assigned area” (pg.72) this definition covered all the aspects of a guard and helps you understand the seriousness of the job. The most import thing for a guard is to have great communication with the people who are working with him during the shift, or for the people that are about to take his place after his shift is over. For and example if someone was walking around the place you are doing security at and they are being suspicious, it is important for you to inform other employees about the suspicious behavior going on, so they can be alert when they see that specific person. The best way to deal with a situation is preventing it before it happens. This chapter talks about understanding body language, body language is very important because it can give you an idea about a specific person intention without even talking to them. This chapter describes body language as “outward appearance, expressions, movements and subtle gestures that can convey a person’s emotional state in addition to verbal language, sounds, or other forms of communication” (pg. 79). Case study 2 gave a great example of how body language of a specific person can help you judge what they are up too and what measures you need to take too help prevent something from happening. For my job downtown, I must know how to handle crowd control situations and have affirmative control of specific situations. my goal of the shift is to prevent anyone inside the bar form becoming harmed and protecting the property. these two specific things can become difficult at times because as a security guard you are always outnumbered and need to know how to perform in these situations without putting yourself at harm. This chapter focused on all the reequipments for the job I work now, this chapter was very relatable and help educate me on things that I already knew.

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