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How much is too much with social media? Do you think there is a possibility that companies are over-extended on social media? Should a company limit the number of channels it is present on? Why or why not? What are the benefits and drawbacks of being on too many or too few networks? Support your position with course resources and any research you do. Be sure to cite your references.

In responding to your peers, comment on positives and negatives of their position. Explain your reasoning and provide an example that supports your thoughts. Are there additional benefits or drawbacks you can provide?

Reply 1: Shawna Bullard

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Hey everyone,

When it comes down to business and social media I do not feel like you can do too much. The purpose of social media for business is to promote and get your company some new business. If you have a business and you are not taking advantage of all social media platforms you are not doing your company any justice. You have the possibility to reach a different customer market with different platforms. It is possible you can find you a new target audience, not all customers use several different platforms so you want to make yourself available to them. However, I do not feel like companies need to post multiple times a day across all platforms. Keep enough content so customers know you are relevant on the platform but do not run customers away with too many posts or status updates.

Reply 2: Shirley Green

Hello everyone,

A company can overextend itself on social media by mistaking quantity for quality. By overwhelming, their followers with too many posts that are tedious and unnecessary can cause people to lose interest. Consecutive posting regarding company products does not mean they are posting smart if the content appears that they are begging for their attention.

Businesses should limit the number of social media channels to what is relevant and works best for their business. When choosing the appropriate social media channel, it is wise to have a clear and workable plan so they will not lose focus while being social. Also, keeping in mind the product and services the company offer, the available human and financial resources at its disposal is important. The company, overall goal, should strive to be proficient and consistent with one or two channels rather than a disaster with five or six.

Drawbacks of being on too many networks are time restraints, if no one monitors the platforms regularly, it is prone to security breaches, and Brand name can be damaged irrevocably. On the other hand, if handled correctly, the company can build authentic relationships, brand loyalty, and a high conversion rate.

According to Forbes, a drawback of using fewer networks is “Being left behind: Not adopting social media can have an adverse impact of competitive advantage, and negative perception (Bolboy, Joanna, 2015).”


Bolboy, Joanna. (2015, May 21). Protect Your Firm From The 12 Risks of Social Media. Retrieved from Forbes: https://www.forbes.com/sites/joannabelbey/2015/05/…


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