Discussion, casestudy and Journal Article Analysis

1. Discussion: How would you describe that factors that determine the tone at the top?


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a) Main discussion with 250 word length

b) Response for the discussion with 200 word length(First response with 200 words length and second response with 200 word length)

c) No plagarism and Three references

d) double-spaced

2. Case Study: Raiding Customer Assets at MF Global


Go to the below Link and answers the questions with word length of all together 400 words for all questions.

Link: https://www.scu.edu/ethics/focus-areas/business-ethics/resources/raiding-customer-assets-at-mf-global/

3. Journal Article Analysis:

Why Do Managers Leave Their Organization? Investigating the Role of Ethical Culture in Managerial Turnover.


The topic should contain the below format

1. DEFINITION: Brief definition of key word Ethical Culture followed by APA reference

2. SUMMARY: summary should be 150 to 200 word length

3. DISCUSSION: 300 to 350 word length discussion

4. REFERENCES: Need 3 references in APA format

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