Final Individual Assignment About Strategic Marketing Class

Final Individual Assignment & Team Evaluation

Your final individual TWO PART assignment will be DUE on or before the day of the final exam date. The assignment must be turned in to your instructor no later than the scheduled final exam day or night class. You may bring a hard copy of both parts directly to your instructor prior or submit here through the ULearn site. Emailed copies of assignment will NOT be accepted without prior permission from your instructor.

Strategic Marketing Final Examination _reflection_FH’16_grad.docx

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My class name is Strategic Marketing. I posted the word document that include all requests about my final exam. Please read it carefully and according to requests to help me to finish it. I need APA format and do not plagiarize. For the part two, my team have 3 people (include me). So, you can use A,B,C to replace our name, I will change it when you finished. Thank you for helping me.

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