Final Interview report


Interview someone who works about the ethical issues they face on the job or see others face. Ask about how those issues get resolved and if your interviewee believes they are resolved fairly.

Describe the interview on one or two pages, including some direct quotes. On the next page, relate what you heard in your interview to something we covered in one of the chapters.

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Can you help me write interview paper and give solve for that issue? and Use chapter 3 lecture to apply this issue.

I also give you paper sample below

“I interview my friend name is Jolie, she is a cook in Pizza Hut store. She had issue in workplace that racist and unfair. Because she is Asia person, her manager and co-workers do silent unfair. They always talk back about her to manager. Manager gave hard schedule to her working. She worked more than people here. HR office didn’t listen to her, they just believe her manager. When she’s tired after working direct 4 hrs nonstop, she sit down on the chair to relax. Some people said back her that they told manager she’s lazy.Manager believed that and gave her warning paper. Even though other employee here include manager, when the store not busy, they sit down, talk on phone and play on phone but they never have warning paper. Because she’s an Asian lady, they don’t care and they do silent unfair to her.”

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