Final Project and Power Point Presentation

  • Your final project consists of creating a paper with 8-20 pages of content explaining the strategy a real company might use to expand its operations or products into new, foreign market outside the company’s home country. The paper must use a formal writing style based on APA 6th edition, 2nd printing guidelines. The title page, table of contents, reference page or pages, and appendices are not included in the content page count. NOTE: YOUR FINAL PAPER IS A CULMINATING PROJECT. THIS MEANS YOU MUST INTEGRATE MATERIAL FROM PAPERS PREVIOUSLY SUBMITTED IN THIS COURSE INTO THE FINAL PROJECT. Integrating your work, from the papers previously submitted in this course, into the final project is not considered self-plagiarism. However, you must still ensure all quoted material meets APA quotation, citation, and referencing standards.
    Please review the attached files for details about the project’s requirements. The file named “Final Strategy Project – Textbook Outline” is provided as supplemental material to help with your research. The file named “Final Strategy Project Outline” contains an outline of the project’s requirements including section headings. Also, be sure to review the rubric prior to completing
  • The presentation must include the following abbreviated information from your written report.
    • Introduction
    • Company & Environmental Analysis
    • Business Strategy Analysis
    • Summary/Conclusions
    • Recommendations

!!! PS: My final project is about Amazon’s entry into Turkey. Amazon is about to expand its operations into Turkish Market.

I am going to attached 2 papers that you can integrate to the final project directly. And also please see the other attachments for details about the project.

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