Final Report

I want to write the final report about my internship I will send you all the information

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Final Report: Submit a final report (to be graded for writing as well as content) that includes the following (as relevant):

1) Cover Page

  • Student name and title of position (e.g., student intern)
  • Name of company/organization
  • Internship supervisor’s name and title
  • Address and contact information of company/organization
  • Current date

2) Executive Summary (1 page)

The one-page summary should emphasize facts and results, the “bottom line”. Consider describing the company/organization and the department(s) in which you work and the role(s) you played. Describe the final results of the work you completed for the company, and ways in which you and the company benefited.

3) Body (8 -10 pages)

  • Section I: Industry and organization analysis, including ethics and corporate culture (5-7 pages). Using library and trade publications, interviews with co-workers, industry analysts, etc., (properly referenced and cited), describe:
    • Local, national and international economic conditions affecting the industry
    • Factors affecting industry demand, supply and input costs/output prices
    • Key organizations in the industry, their locations, strategic positions, strengths, weaknesses and the industry structure
    • What cultural and ethical dimensions are present in this industry?
    • Within this industry, where does your firm stand? What constraints/threats does it face?
    • What competencies or resources distinguish it, what opportunities does it have?
    • How effectively is its mission communicated and implemented?
    • Describe the organization’s culture and ethics.
  • a) Section II:
    • 1. Revisit your internship goals as set out in your initial proposal and describe the extent to which these were achieved and to what you attribute your success or lack thereof. What adjustments, if any, did you need to make.
    • 2. Compare and contrast your perceptions and expectations at the beginning, with those at the end, of your internship.
    • 3. Describe in detail your internship role/job and what you accomplished. Describe any projects including their nature, purpose, your conclusions and recommendations. How did you contribute to the workplace?
    • 4. What skills, ideas and knowledge did you acquire, how are these valuable?
    • 5. What did you learn from co-workers, both personally and professionally?
    • 6. Has this internship influenced your academic decisions and career choices?
  • a) Section III:
    • 1. Discuss your perceived level of preparation, your competence for this internship. Are there areas in which you could have been better prepared? Do you have any curricular recommendations?

    • 2. How can the internship program be improved so as to provide a better learning experience?

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