Financial Status Report

  1. Blue Mist Hotel Financial Ratios Sheet

    Financial Status Report Grading Guide

    You are the Assistant Manager at the Blue Mist Hotel, a 425-room hotel in Phoenix, Arizona. The General Manager has asked you to prepare a 700- to 900-word report on the financial status of the hotel for the month of May.

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    Access the Blue Mist Hotel Financial Ratios sheet and calculate the remaining six financial ratios.

    Use the ratio calculations to determine the financial status of the hotel for the month of May.

    • Explain different types of revenue streams in the hotel
    • Explain how the financial ratios are used to maximize profits
    • Describe the importance of demand forecasting
    • Describe the advantages and disadvantages of overbooking
    • Define how RevPAR is used in the revenue management strategy

    Submit your report.


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