Freshman bio lab need someone to piece together lab report

Go to the web site and login.  Open the lab and Read the Introduction and the Background Information.  The Background Information can be found in the menu to the left when on the Introduction page. After you have read the Background Information, go back to the Introduction Page and find the Assignment in the menu on the left side of the page.  Once the Assignment Page is open you will see the header Assignments for Majors.  Move to the menu on the left and click on â€Assignments for Non-Major”.  Follow the instructions and complete the experiments using the tomato leaf and the corn leaf. Prepare a lab report and turn it in to me through the assignment drop box. 

Your lab report should contain the following:

Introduction:  Provide an overview of the experiments including an explanation of the differences between a C3 plant and C4 plant. Provide a clearly stated hypothesis about your expectation.

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Results:  Present your results using the tables and graphs that you generated during the experiment. I should be able to review two graphs and two data tables: one for each plant.  Explain your results for each plant: the tomato and the corn.   

Discussion:  Discuss your results but do not repeat your results in this section. Discuss whether your hypothesis was accepted or rejected. Compare the differences in responses between the C3 (tomato plant) and the C4 (corn plant.)


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