Fsmt281 Week 5 Forum Responses


Initiative 9 – Fatality, Near-Miss Investigation

Investigating fatalities and near misses is not to be a judge of the actions taken by the individuals hurt or the commander structure of that unit, but to take what happened and learn from it.  Being able to read in the reports exactly what happened and how it happened could in turn change training methods or even procedures on how certain things on done on the fire grounds.  “Accidents are problems that present opportunities for solutions through investigations. Accidents can result from failures of firefighters, civilians, equipment, supplies or surroundings to behave as expected. A successful accident investigation determines not only what happened, but also finds how and why the accident.”(2019 thoroughly investigate all firefighter fatalities, injuries, and near-misses.  )

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Case Study-

Yes, this would fit the criteria of a near-miss.  Using the training of following the hose line back out of the building is a time tested method but feeling the couplings and making sure that you are following it in the right direction is vital to survival as well.  If it wasn’t for the realization that they should have come to the exit already and heard the lieutenant yelling, things could have been much worse.  Completing a near-miss report for this can help you review actions taken and work to ensure that they don’t happen again. Also, you can work this command to create a plan for when situations such as this one arise.

‌Initiative 10 – Grant Support

Grants and fundraising within the community that you live and work are two of the best ways to raise money of much needed money when the budget won’t allow for the addition spending.  The Assistance to Firefighters Grant (AFG) Program is one of many grant programs that departments can write grant applications too for funding of equipment and other health and wellness needs.  There are many grants available to departments currently, depending on the needs of the department will drive the direction of which grants applications are sent in too.  Grants are programs which departments can apply to receive funding.  Having individuals who are experienced and educated in proper grant writing, will greatly increase the chances of securing the needed money from the applied grant.  With any grant out there today, a large number of departments are all fighting to secure that money for themselves and being able to separate your department needs from the rest of the pack is a most.  A properly written application will make or break the grant process for your department.  There are also many places on the internet today that can assist you in the grant writing process.  It is beneficial to target the grants that offer funding for your departments most specific needs and try to apply for those grants first.  A good moto is to apply for all the funding that you possibly can.  All grant money received will only help you and your fellow firefighters conduct your jobs more safely and effectively.  Without applying for the grant, you will never know if that funding could have come to your department for the much needed upgrades and equipment.  Better to try and fail, than to not try at all.


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The reasons for investigating firefighter fatalities, injuries and near-misses is identify common causes that led to the incident. NIOSH Fire Fighter Fatality Investigation and Prevention Program, (FFFIPP), gathers multiple sources of information to present the most accurate description of an incident. This report is not meant to be punitive but helpful. The labors of these investigations are not fruitless since much of the information gathered is passed on the department, NIOSH reports that, “some 11,000 fire departments to update the content of their training programs on personal protective equipment (PPE), Self-contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA), Personal Alert Safety System (PASS) devices, Incident Command System, traffic hazards, radio communications, and other topics.” (FFFIPP Evaluation, 2008) Thorough investigation paints a clearer picture and may reveal underlying causes and develop a more accurate solution.

The criteria of this case study is a near miss because the potential for loss of life due inadequate actions. Potentially, the firefighter dragging the victim could have continued in the wrong direction subjecting themselves to a potential burns, collapse, or asphyxiation. The benefit of completing a near mishap report can help department learn what information needs to be communicated to reduce the likelihood of a similar issue, in this case, does the attack line nearest you lead out or in another direction. Or what equipment is available that we can use to make egress easier? Luckily the Lieutenant was able to correct the firefighter direction.

A. What other funding options do you have? Re-evaluating fire-flow taxes for the area can create more funding, (long term). Selling used equipment, and fire protection subscription service.

B. Which organizations would be most likely to fund the new equipment? Other funding options include; GSA Surplus, Firehouse.com, and Grants.gov.

C. How do grants work, and what strategies help improve the chances of a successful application? Grants are available within an application window and approval process for funding. Applications must follow set guidelines when writing the application with persistence and resubmission on regular basis.


National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health. (2008). NIOSH Fire Fighter Fatality Investigation and Prevention Program Evaluation.

US Fire Administration. (2012). Funding Alternatives for Emergency Medical Fire Services. Emmitsburg, Maryland, FEMA.

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