Negotiating for Resources

Negotiation is an important skill for any business manager. Ideally the goal is for each side in the negotiation to obtain something they need or want while each side also possibly relinquishing something on both sides. In this Journal, you have the opportunity to examine how you would negotiate for resources.

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Respond in a Journal posting. You will not have to respond to other students, but your response must be original. Only your first posting will be graded.


  • Explain how you would handle the situation where the resources you were promised for a project are no longer available.
  • If the functional manager (i.e., departmental manager) claims individuals originally assigned to your project must focus on their operational activities, and not on project work, how would you negotiate with the functional manager?


Your Journal should consist of a minimum of 300 words, and no more than 350 words. The Journal must be concise, well-written, and consistent with the requirements. Please make sure to reflect on what you learned. It is important to consider the intangible variables affecting the implementation of change within the organization.

Unit 4 Journal Rubric



Content addresses checklist items and meets requirements


Delivery (Well-written and within word count)




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