Georgetown University Cisco Switches in China Case StudyDiscussion


After you have read through the case study, give thoughtful, well-developed responses to these case analysis questions in a 1-2 page Word Document. Upload your document by clicking the Submit Assignment button at the top of this page.

  • If you were in Raznjevic’s position, would you promote Jasmine Zhou? Why or why not?
  • What, if anything, would you do about the blast email? Be specific.
  • How would you coach Ehud Oentung on his first encounter with Cisco’s ranking system?

Grading criteria and rubric for this assignment are located in your syllabus and a link to the rubric is provided below.


Each student will submit their assignment by Sunday 11:55 PM, EDT. An answer key will be provided below, once the due date has passed.

Writing Assignments are submitted through the TurnItIn plagiarism tool, which evaluates them and assigns a score for originality. If you receive a score greater than 20%, you will need to rework and resubmit your paper.


The assignment for this week is worth 100 points. It will be graded according to the Assignment Grading Rubric [PDF]

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