History Lecture

History Lecture €“

Romans historically have made fun of the Greeks because of Pederasty and same-sex love, but could Ancient Romans have same-sex relations or sex outside of marriage? If so, with who?
Why are Leonardo Davinci  known in sex science?
What did Gabrielle Fallopio discover and name after himself?  Also, why is he linked to syphilis?
Who was Mary Wollstonecraft, what did she write about that was so groundbreaking?
Be able to tell me how Victorians tried to control sexuality (they did so in a number of ways that we discussed).  Be sure to focus on healthcare beliefs

Methods and Theory Lecture €“
What is sampling bias? How do you avoid sampling bias and get a good representative sample?
Why do we no longer have much of Magnus Hirschfield’s research?  Along those same lines, who was Magnus and why is he remembered in sex science.
Who was Alfred Kinsey, what did he study, was there a difference in public response to his research on men & women, and why do you think his findings were so controversial?
Dr. Evelyn Hooker defied all oIDs to become one of the most influential (yet often forgotten) sex scientists in American history.  How did she help non-heterosexual people using science, in a way that would create lasting

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change? (particularly note the problems she found with methodology/sampling in previous studies)

Female Anatomy Lecture €“
When we are talking about pleasure, and not reproduction, we would say that men have a penis and women have a V _____, why is this the correct word to use?
Which part of female anatomy only has the function of receiving pleasure? (note: the only part on ANY human body that is only made for pleasure)
Study up on the internal clitoris (you have your online reading materials to help)
Genital plastic surgery like vaginal rejuvenation has increased in recent years.  Are these surgeries necessary? Do they enhance or have the chance to decrease the capability of experiencing pleasure

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