Your organization is a restaurant (name what you want)

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I. Introduction

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a. Introduce scenario

b. Cover what yo will talk about in your paper

II. Legal statuses covering hiring and selection of employees

III. Identify and discuss the number of types of positions

IV. 3-5 selection devices researched and evaluated

V. Integrity and drug testing, to use or not use

VI. Conclusion

a. Summarize what you covered in your paper.

You are the Chief Human Resource Officer (CHRO) at your organization. As the CHRO, one of your primary roles is to be in the workforce strategist. Your organization is planning to expand business operations to your neighboring state by ing an office. As a result of this expansion, your organization needs to make sure the the best and brightest employees are recruited to fill key roles at the new office. Write 5 page research paper APA style outlining the steps involved in recruiting staff at the new office.

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