I need to answer for Zynga case study the questions are below and prompts. Some responses will require you to do some light research beyond the readings.

1-A core competency can be defined as “a harmonized combination of multiple resources and skills that distinguish a firm in the marketplace” and are therefore the foundation of companies’ competitiveness. What are Zynga’s (not the Zynga.org division) one or two most important core competencies, that is, what group(s) of activities do they do that appear(s) to lead to their success?

2-What has Zynga done to make gamers feel like participants in rather than just donors to projects addressing social needs? Have these strategies been successful in creating a partnership between Zynga’s shareholders, players, non-profit organizations and their beneficiaries?

3-What aspects of the Sweet Seeds campaign might explain the lack of ‘donor fatigue’?

4-Donors may have different motivations for giving. Some may donate strictly to for enhanced gameplay, because they deeply care about helping, they want the good feeling of posting their donation on Facebook, etc. Does donor motivation matter? Why or why not?

5-How could Zynga measure success of zynga.org, considering they now donate all proceeds? What benefits does Zynga get that makes this a valuable venture?

6-What challenges or objections might they face from primary stakeholders or the public? How have they overcome these? Note that zynga.org is funded pretty much exclusively by players’ funds. Zynga studios do expend resources establishing the projects, but don’t support them on an ongoing basis.

7-Reflect on how Zynga selected partner organizations. How was their selection approach tailored to maximize the impact of their corporate social strategy?

8-Which features of Zynga’s social strategy with Zynga.org manifest Porter & Kramer’s CSV approach?

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