I need to answer the DBs questions, and there are two subjects

I need to answer the DB’s questions, and there are two subjects.

please remember that – simple posts without advance vocabulary (international students).

– I need them with references APA.

–Here are the questions for the first subject:

For this part I need at least 2 paragraphs for first and second question.

You can look at these units to answer the following questions:

1. Unit 4 – Exercise Design Steps

2. Unit 5 – The Tabletop Exercise

1.The first step in determining the kind of exercise that should be conducted in your facility or community is to systematically study an updated HVA or conduct a needs assessment, then write SMART objectives. List at least four SMART objectives that you think should be included in designing a response to a natural hazard such as a tornado, which has created a collapse requiring people to be rescued. Make sure that they all meet SMART criteria.

2. Here is the scenario – You are planning a tabletop exercise designed to solve a recurring problem in your pre-hospital system. This is an urban system with a total of 10 paid paramedics and 20 paid EMTs. There are also 15 volunteer EMTs. The problem is that communication among the various EMTs and paramedics and among responding units is less than optimal. Problems include lack of interoperability and failure to use standard terminology.

a. Determine who the players should be. Write an email notice inviting them to a tabletop with an explanation of what you hope to accomplish.

b. Write a communication scenario that will allow the players to address the problem at hand.

c. Make a list of facilities and materials you will use in the exercise.

Here are the questions for the second subject:

I need 2 different answers for this part as 2 students answer these 5 questions.

You will find the book in the attachment.

You should have easily finished The Unthinkable by now. In this book, journalist Amanda Ripley explores how we react in a disaster and why. She also discusses how we can better prepare ourselves for survival when faced with the unexpected. Use the following questions as potential starting points for discussion. You don’t have to answer them sequentially or even answer all of them! Please share your honest perceptions and points of learning –

1.Reflect on this book and how it impacted you. What was surprising? What was confirming?

2.Did anything you read influence you in the present or in terms of what you will do (or not do) in the future?

3.What did you learn about how people react in a disaster event? Did anything surprise or fascinate you?

4.If you could share one thing with a loved one or peer, what would it be?

5.Feel free to share anything further that was impactful for you –

I am trying to upload the book , but I can’t, so I will provide you the name of the book.

It’s called the unthinkable who survives when disaster strikes for the author (Amanda Ripley)

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