Immediate massive intervention and assistance” are needed to prevent mass starvation in Kenya

Singer or Arthur

CBC News- The Church service aid agency is warning that” Immediate massive intervention and assistance” are needed to prevent mass starvation in Kenya. A team from the humanitarian agency reported recently that many fields are barren and cracked, dried out by the drought that is threatening a third of the east African country’s population, or about 10 million people.

What was once among the most fertile land I  Africa can now only support a few struggling plants suitable only for grazing cattle. “ We don’t have any food”. Farmer Lizy Bimba, a Kwale resident, said in Swahili. In one area, a local official reported that 85% of 5,600 people are facing starvation, the church world service team said. Other farmers have left the land to find what work they can.” We have been forced to do this so that we get money to buy food.” Musa Charo said in Swahili as he broke rocks to earn money to feed his 10 children. The government declared the food shortage a national disaster on Jan. 16, the UN is appealing for international help and aid agencies warn that the problem will only get worse.

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A/ What would be the proper moral response of rich nations to this impeding tragedy? Do you favor peter Singer’s path in which affluent individuals would be obligated to give much of their wealth to feef the hungry? Or Arthur’s way, in which the rich would have a duty to give some aid but would also have obligations to themselves and to their family and friends? Explain

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