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In this assignment you will explore the information-seeking behaviour of two professionals, comparing and contrasting their behaviour. You will also reflect on your own behaviour.


Response Paper (▪ Submit in .doc, .docx or PDF file • References: o All outside information must be cited using APA style.

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MGMT 3603: Beyond Google Winter 2020


● Identify and interview 2 individuals in different professions (i.e. Engineer, Architect, Nurse, Doctor, Welder, Mechanic, etc.).

● Guiding Questions:

1. Describe their educational or experiential background. How did they develop expertise in their profession?

2. How do they generally seek information for professional purposes?

3. What are the key places they seek professional information? Consider online, physical, and individuals or groups, formal and informal.

4. What is most challenging in information seeking in their profession? What is easy and enjoyable?

5. Ask them to describe a situation where they had to find information related to their profession. Where did they go? How did they determine that the information was current, accurate and authoritative?

● Summarize: The responses for each of the individuals for the five guiding questions

● Compare and contrast: The results, identifying similarities and differences.

● Reflect: Explore your own information-seeking behaviour in response to the guiding questions. How is this different or similar to those that you interviewed?

● Use appropriate course resources: Explore and highlight what you have learned about information-seeking behaviour in relation to your interview subjects using appropriate supplemental sources. Don’t forget to cite them!


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