Information Security Paper

Scenario: You have been hired as a consultant by the CEO of a medium-sized business with a limited budget to help address concerns that he has about his organization’s information security. The CEO would like you to submit a document that addresses his concerns.

Prepare a 600 to 900-word Microsoft® Word® document saved under the following naming convention: LastnameFirstnameW2-1. Using student John Doe as an example: DoeJohnW2-1
* Choose the 2 information systems threats from the following list that you feel are the most important to address:
1) Espionage 3) Alien Software 5) Cyberwarfare 7) Theft of Equipment 9) Trespass
2) Sabotage 4) Software Attacks 6) Identity Theft 8) Information Extortion 10) Compromises to Intellectual Property
* Provide a recommendation to the CEO on how to mitigate the risk for each threat
– Each threat must have a specific recommendation on how to mitigate that threat (2 threats / 2 different recommendations)
– A recommendation cannot be written to address both threats

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List at least one, but no more than 3 references at the end of the paper, and Cite each listed reference in the body of the paper where it’s used
* Direct quotations and/or paraphrased text from references are to be used sparingly – not to “piece together” most or all of your paper
– For example: when discussing your threats and/or recommendations, if the majority of your content simply consists of direct quotes or
paraphrased text without providing sufficient context in relation to the assignment Scenario, points will be deducted from your grade for
excessive reliance on references – even if the text is cited
* The vast majority of your paper should consist of your words, thoughts and opinions related to the assignment Scenario
* Note: It is considered plagiarism if you list a reference, but do not cite that reference in the body of the paper where it’s used

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