informative speech outline about football with 3 or more references

I need a basic informative speech outline about football with 3 or more references

Example:What You Should Know About Antibiotic Resistant Staph Infections”

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General Purpose – To inform

Specific Purpose – To inform the audience about MRSA infections

Thesis – I will define MRSA (often pronounced ‘mersa’), discuss how it is transmitted, indicate how to prevent infection, and new methods of fighting against bacterial resistance.

I. Introduction

A.(Slide 1 – introduction) Lead with Dallas Morning News story by Esther Wu of Fort Worth woman’s deadly staph infection. (NewsBank NewsFile)

B.Stories are meant to bring attention to consequences of acquiring antibiotic
resistant staph (MRSA).

C.The goal of this presentation is to define MRSA, discuss
how it is transmitted, share ways of preventing infection, and discuss new
research in the fight against antibiotic resistance.

Transition: What exactly is MRSA?

II. Body

  • (Slide 2) Definition of MRSA
  • (Slide 3) Modes of Transmission

1.Bacterial organism resistant or immune to several antibiotics

2.According to an author from Science News, infection with the MRSA strain of staph “…causes difficult to treat pneumonias…”
(Consumer Health Complete, B.H. 2004))

3. Editorial from the Dallas Morning News says that MRSA is “…a
potentially life threatening bacterial infection…”

(NewsBank NewsFile)

Transition: Now that we know a little about MRSA, let’s discuss how you acquire this type of infection

1. Hospital acquired MRSA – Infections resulting from health care

2.Community Acquired MRSA

a.New strain of MRSA that has developed outside of hospital

b. Increasing in frequency (Sampathkumar 2007)

b.According to Clinical Reference Systems, CA-MRSA is spread by means of skin to skin contact, cuts or scrapes,
contaminated items and surfaces, crowded living

conditions, poor hygiene, sharing towels or sports

equipment. (Health and Wellness Resource Center)

Transition: So what are some ways to prevent the spread of MRSA?

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