Informative Speech Outline & Informative Speech Essay

Outline Criteria:

fter you have brainstormed aspects of your speech, write a delivery outline of your informative speech about how to prepare and present an informative speech. See pages 359-361 in your textbook for a delivery outline example. The outline must include an introduction, central Idea, preview, body, conclusion, clear transitions, or signposts between each main point and obvious supporting material.

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Your topic for this speech is assigned to you, and the topic is how to prepare and present an informative speech. Please do not deviate from this speech topic, as you will not receive a grade for any other topic used. You will be creating and delivering an informative speech on the preparation that goes into an informative speech and the delivery aspects as well.

Essay Criteria:

For Part II of the assignment, you are required to answer the following essay question. The answer should be approximately 3-4 paragraphs long. Your responses should be written in complete sentences, free of spelling and grammatical errors. Please type your essay in a Word document and then paste your essay below in the space provided.

1. Step 3 of DECIDE is “Create message” and Step 5 is “Deliver message.” Describe the decisions you made as you created create and delivered your informative speech about how to prepare and present an informative speech. Using key concepts from this lesson, specifically address decisions you made to develop your main ideas so that you were lively and spontaneous while still being prepared and not memorizing the speech. Provide specific examples from your preparation and delivery.

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