key issues related to health and well-being

key issues related to health and well-being

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it’s 4 parts without introduction and conclusion the intro and the conclu will be in the paragraph its self . each part has specific limitation of words number also each paragraph has it’s topic .

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1-The first part is talking about health inequalities .

you must start with brief explanation then talk briefly about ( Income , Early childhood development and health behaviors) and how each factor s impacts on health , for each factor use 200 words so the total will be 600 .

2- the second one is about health behavior .

talk briefly about it then explain how the presence or absence of these 3 factors ( Knowledge €“ attitudes beliefs and core values and perceived coping skills )

for each factor talk about 100 so the total of this paragraph will be 300 .

3- the third will be about improving health behaviors brief explanation about it then explain the difference between non adherence , non compliance and non concordance in 150 words

then briefly discuss two techniques that can improve patient concordance engaging in health behaviors also in 150

4- the titel is genetics as a determinant of health .

in this paragraph discuss the risk behaviors that are often used by individuals to manage stress in their lives ,

in 1-Genes play a role in how we behave and in coping strategies we use

2-genes also help determine how we deal with stress of life

3-life span is partly determined by our inherited genes

and this paragraph will be no longer than 200 words

and pleas write within the number of the words that i wrote .

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