LDRS 490 – Final Paper Grading Chart


Component Possible points Requirements for an exemplary final paper.


Introduce the idea of worldview, personality, in the context of leadership. State the purpose of the paper – which is your thesis statement. Use a “hook” to capture interest – see this link for how to do this: https://www.esu.edu/writing-studio/guides/hook.cfm
Who Are You?  

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Where are you from? What is your family like?

What is your background?

What experiences made you who you are today? Use an example.

Your Personality /10 Use your Birkman Report and/or MBTI to describe your personality.
Leading Yourself  


How will you take the responsibility of leading yourself?

What experiences leading others did you have?

How does your personality help or hinder your leadership of yourself?

Core Beliefs  


Describe your core beliefs using some of Sire’s 8 questions:

What is your prime reality? What is the nature of external reality?

What is a human being? How did we get here? What happens when we die?

Core Values


/10 What are your top 5 core values?

How do they guide you personally? How do they guide you as a leader?

Use an example/story from your life to illustrate a point.

Worldview & Leadership  


Clearly define leadership – use a quote from course books or readings from other courses. How does your worldview shape your view of leadership?
How you will lead  



How will you live out what you believe about yourself and the world as a leader? In other words:

· How will you lead yourself? How will you lead others?

· What is your plan to grow your leadership competencies?

· What is your plan to grow and develop your character?




Tie together your main points:

· Who am I? What do I believe? How will I lead?

Restate the purpose of the paper. Leave the reader with a strong impression.

Grammar and Writing  




Writing is concise. Sentences should flow. Uses good transitions between paragraphs and sections. Good word choices – use words that most English speakers would use. Uses active voice, NOT passive voice – no “has been” (was/were) or “had taken” (took). No common phrases/colloquialisms. Here is a link to help you understand what they look like: https://smartblogger.com/colloquialism-examples/
APA & Length  


Uses correct in-text citations.

References correct.

Uses headings appropriately

Should be 9-12 pages plus the title page and references

Total /100

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