leadership ethics and social responsibilty

€¢ you conducted interviews or surveys, set out this section as follows:
1. €¢Describe your experiences in setting up and conducting the interviews/surveys. Discuss any problems, and note any changes to your original method. And you can see My original method is in the bracket(A consumers’ valuation relating to the ethics and social responsibility issues in dairy products will assessed with interview survey. A survey will interview a sample of 20 Chinese consumers about their awareness and attitudes toward dairy industry in china and foreign, among which ten people have married, another ten people are not. Gender information is also collected. Survey respondents are required to ask five questions to gauge their attitude of dairy market both in domestic and foreign:
1. Are you prefer to buy domestic brand of infant milk powder or foreign brand?
2. What strengths of foreign brand of infant milk powder compared to domestic brand?
3. Have you heard about Sanlu milk incident? You opinions about what dairy industry should do to rebuild reputation.
4. What you attitudes about why so many enterprises would take such great risks to gain profit by sacrificing people’s interests?
5. Are the imperfect supervision system and poor monitoring result in the disorder of the dairy market?
The survey also queried consumers about their preferences for each of 10 milk brands widely available. It is help to understand the Chinese consumer’s attitude about domestic milk brand. And to understand their awareness about ethics and social responsibility issues which is related to Sanlu Milk incident in China).
2. Identify the major themes emerging from your data. These will generally be the same as the ones you listed in your methodology. However, you may have discovered some new ones as well.
3. Use the themes as subheadings and summarise your results for all respondents under each theme. Don’t summarise each participant’s responses separately: combine the data and show where there is agreement/disagreement between the participants. If you want to, you can quote some responses (sparingly!) if you think they serve to illustrate the theme well. If you want to include the transcripts of your interviews€”put them in an appendix. Include an appendix with a copy of your interview questions or survey.

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