LOS312 University of Southern Hartson Printing Services Case Paper

Short Paper #3 (SP 3) is titled Hartson Printing Services, and is located in our textbook on pages 178 to 179.Once you have read the case study, and reflected on our LOS312 concepts and theories, please answer the following question in your case study analysis:

What was wrong with Hartson’s first recruiting advertisement that led it to be off-target in reaching its intended audience?

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What significant differences do you see between the first ad and the second ad?

In order to successfully complete this assignment, be sure to refer to the instructions on the Short Paper Template located in the Syllabus & Info section of our Blackboard course website.You will submit this short paper via the Short Paper Assignment link in Module 6.Please name your paper:SP 3 Your Name

2-3 pages not including title page and reference page. APA Format as the Uber and Zynga papers.

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