LOS312 University of Southern Human Resources Management Uber Paper

In LOS312, you will be required to complete five (5) short papers. These short papers, each focusing on a mini-case study featuring an HR-related theme, allow you to begin the process of applying the HR concepts we cover in each unit. This hands-on process will help these topics “stick” by enhancing your knowledge of how to apply these concepts in your professional life.

Short Paper #2 (SP 2) is titled Uber, and is located in our textbook on pages 108.Once you have read the case study, and reflected on our LOS312 concepts and theories, please answer the following question in your case study analysis:

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Susan Fowler’s complaint of being the target of sexual harassment by her manager would be categorized as falling under which employment law?

Which type(s) of harassment was Ms. Fowler exposed to?

What actions, if any, has Uber taken to limit their liability relative to sexual harassment charges?What additional actions, if any, would your recommend Uber take?

In order to successfully complete this assignment, be sure to refer to the instructions on the Short Paper Template located in the Syllabus & Info section of our Blackboard course website.You will submit this short paper via the Short Paper Assignment link in Module 4.Please name your paper:SP 2 Your Name

LOS312 Human Resource Management

Short Papers Template

Consider the following outline when completing the short paper assignments in this course:

Title Page

Be sure to include a title page with the following information:

  • Short Paper Name
  • Your Name
  • The Course Number and Title
  • Your Instructors Name
  • Date


An abstract should set up the rest of the paper. The rest of the paper will include the details discussed in the review, recommendations, summary and conclusions.

Review and Analysis of the Case

Describe the topic and its implications. This should include what was learned from various sources concerning the topic. Cite your sources. Include

  • Analysis of findings – Evaluate and draw conclusions from the research. Create a link to the real-world by applying your findings.
  • Recommendations – Discuss recommendations based on the analysis. Be sure all case study questions have been addressed.

Summary and Conclusions

Tie together the review, analysis and recommendations into a succinct, two paragraph summary.


Reference all works cited throughout the paper, including our textbook and outside sources.


    • All references should be cited using APA format
    • Each short paper should be two to three pages in length (not including the cover page and references page)
    • Each short paper should include a minimum of two (2) references
    • You should use the following naming protocol for each short paper:SP 1 Your Name; SP 2 Your Name; SP 3 Your Name; SP 5 Your Name; and, SP 5 Your Name

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