Oil Palm Phenolics

Topic: Oil Palm Phenolics (OPP) Review Article

I need a review article on Oil Plam Phenolics, my mentor gave me a previous Review article that has been done in Lab to follow, I will attach it to you. It has to be at at least 10 pages, that’s why I wrote 11, As for references, they didn’t specify but ofcourse it can’t be so less. My phone number isn’t working now so I have an alternative one for this week 248-7628010. I need the paper to be well-written please. Thank you so much and let me know if any problems come up. PLEASE LOOK AT THE ATTACHED FILE BECAUSE THAT SHOULD BE MY GUIDELINE. The link below is the link to the Article , it’s about Garcinol mines Should be something like The potential role of Oil Palm Phenolics in Cancer treatment/ prevention or as a cancer agent or something related as long as it’s OPP and cancer. Thank you so much http://www.hindawi.com/journals/jo/2012/647206/ http://www.hindawi.com/journals/jo/2012/647206/


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