Option A: Supporting Creativity in Early Learning Environments



Option B: Environmental Design: Indoor  or Outdoor

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This assignment is an opportunity to investigate an early childhood topic in more depth. There are two topics to choose from (A) or (B) noted above. However, if you have another topic you are passionate about exploring contact the instructor a minimum of 3 weeks prior to the submission deadline to discuss your ideas and options.

Once you choose your topic, think about and create a leading research question to refine and base your inquiry. This question should narrowly define some aspect of a topic that you are particularly curious about. Designing this question right away will help you to focus both your research and findings.

Writing Guidelines 

Research and write a 6-8 page paper on your chosen topic. This will include your research question that narrows down which specific aspect of this broad title that you have chosen to investigate as well as why it is a curiosity for you. This will be followed by a literature review that informs your research question. The next section will apply the knowledge you have gained, illustrating how it applies to daily practice. Examples serve well here. If you choose the ‘environmental design’ option, you will submit your original design in this section (or as an appendix). Conclude the paper with a reflection about what you have learned, how your perspectives have shifted and ways you anticipate this will impact your work. Remember to include citations using APA style. Finish it off with a reference list – again in APA style.

Please ensure the paper is organized (headings, paragraphs, etc.) and ideas are presented and flow in a logical sequence. Edit for spelling and grammar before submitting.

Formatting Guidelines

Please format you paper as follows:

· Cover page: Your name, student number, course name and number, instructor name, and assignment due date, as shown in this  example Links to an external site. . Note that the cover page is not considered in the total page count. (1 mark)

· Introduction: What is the issue/topic that you chose? Why is this relevant/important topic/question for you to study? What is your research question? (6 marks)

· Literature review: What do scholars write about your topic? Use a minimum of five references not already discussed in this course. Concisely summarize the key points presented in each piece of literature. References must be from academic journal articles, books, or book chapters from reputable authors. (10 marks)

· Discussion: Application of researched information combined with your own reflections to practice. Provide specific examples in practice to support points. For Option B – this will be your creative, original detailed design that reflects the knowledge you have gained. (10 marks)

· Conclusion: How does your research contribute to your own knowledge of early childhood pedagogy and children’s learning? What did you discover that was surprising to you? How will your “findings” change/improve your approach to young children learning? (6 marks)

· Presentation: Remember APA style is required for citations and references. If reminders are needed, please refer to APA links previously provided. Paper is well organized, concise with accurate spelling & grammar. Overall effort & creativity. (7 marks)

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