peace action paper

A key component of this class is putting into practice the theories learned from the readings and in class. Thus, in this project, you will work to obtain peace in a peaceful manner. That is, you find an injustice and then attempt to create justice nonviolently. Don’t just get educated about a topic or be an observer; take nonviolent action. The Canvas course lists Peace Action topics students in the past have taken. You may come up with your own also, although the instructors will need to approve all the topics in advance.

After performing your peace action, please write a short paper (4-6 pages, formally written, typed, double-spaced) discussing the activity, your thoughts and feelings about it, and what you learned about peacemaking. Please tell the instructors by the end of Week 3 which peace action you choose. Turn the final paper in by the end of Week 8.

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Possible Material to Include in Paper

  1. Summarize the activity – What took place? When was it? Where did it occur? Who organized the event? What were the objectives?
  2. What part did you play? In what ways did you participate?
  3. Evaluate the activity. Was it effective? Was it worthwhile? Was it well planned?
  4. What did you learn about peacemaking as a result of the activity? What conclusions can you draw about the methods used?
  5. What are the implications? How might you change your behaviors, or seek to change those of others? What additional peacemaking activities would you want to participate in? What additional things would you like to learn about?

My peace action topic is “ I think my peace action topic is promoting smiles because I believe smiling in someone’s face can make his day! I’m thinking about making flyers and posters to promote smiling and start promoting it around campus” But i didnt really have the time to do all that so I just need you make it sound like i did it. Let me know if there is more questions

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