Peace Women Across the Globe & Social Justice Work Paper

From the Peace Women Across the Globe website, click Choose an Activity to research. Choose an Activity (i.e. domestic violence, microfinancing, etc.) and a list of women working across the globe on this issue will appear. Choose a minimum of five women from five different countries (not from the U.S. or Canada) who have been active in this social justice work. Read their short bios and post a 4-6 page paper describing and analyzing their work in the folder on the Canvas course website.

Each paper should include the names and countries of each of the women you chose. Make sure you mention in the introduction to the paper the activity keyword you chose. In the paper, briefly discuss the problem they are addressing and focus on the strategies they used. Reflect on the work of the women as a whole. How were their strategies similar? Different? Be sure to compare and contrast the work of the women and analyze the differences and similarities. Provide your own reflections and reactions also. This is your opportunity to process the content of the bios. Finally, discuss what you learned about nonviolent action.

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