Peacemaker Meeting Interview Paper

“Each of you will interview the Avila University Activist-in-Residence for this year. You will be divided into groups and although you will interview in a group, each student writes his or her own paper about the interview. You must be present – no interview papers are to be done using other students’ notes or recordings. The interview should last approximately 45‑60 minutes. “ a recorded interview is attached for you to use it to reach the requirements. The peace maker is Damone Cox from Kansas City.

We’ve told the peacemaker that the interview will be open and informal, and that they should be prepared to talk about:

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  • Their definition of peace.
  • Their background in peacemaking/How they got started
  • What activities they are involved in to create and build peace.
  • What sustains them in their work.
  • Their vision of the future.
  • What peace actions you can take to support their work.
  • Additional questions you may have about their perception of peacemaking.

After the interview, write a paper (4-6 pages) about the experience. Discuss:

  • The content of the interview ‑ what the peacemaker said
  • What you learned about peace ‑ reflect on what was said

Make sure you include both of these elements in your paper. The personal reflection on what you learned is of key importance. this is a drop box link to the interview. Please let me know if you need more info

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