Research about Database technology and Mobile computing (OS, Tools, Apps)

 it is consisits of Five Parts 


Table of contents and figures

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1.      Abstract

An abstract is an independent text, written in a brief, non-repetitive style that states the essential details of the research presented in this paper. It offers a quick way for the reader to know what is expected to see or to know from this paper.

2.      Introduction

The introduction places the report into a wider context and points to its relevance.The introduction should present the key terms used and make it clear how the  paper contributes to the field by explaining the research objectives, arguing that the research is important and placing the study in the context of previous research.

·         Establish the topic and its significance

·         Establish need for present research

·         Introduce the present research

·         Key Term definitions


3.      Literature Review(At least 4 pages)

·         Definitions of concepts — What are the main concepts and how have they been defined? This should include nominal definitions (working definitions used in research to date) and examples of operational definitions if possible (how the concepts actually have been measured). Again, cite primary research on concepts and or supported theories on your selected technology.

·         Complete and detailed description of the IT technology and its significant concept(s).

·         Relationships among concepts — How do the concepts defined above affect, mediate, or interact with one another? What other factors have come into play in the literature you have reviewed?

·         Critique — What are the limitations of the technology? What are proponents and critics concerned about? This likely will include issues of conceptualization, measurement, and general usefulness of the technology.

·         Current State of the technology

·         Future direction of the technology

4.      Discussion (Advantages, disadvantages, Impacts, issues, if any,  and related applications) (At least 5 pages)

5.      Conclusion and Implications (Significance, usefulness, potential useful on the practical applications, recommended reading list or sources)



Length Between12 and 16 pages, including title page, abstract, table of contents and references.

Sources Reference: ten (10)  sources are required and it is compliance with APA standards. 

Spacing Format: Abstract page – single space, the rest of the titles and contents, double spaces. Report: Similarly less than 15 – 20 %  over 40 % will be rejected. (No need to separate reference list from your report. Run your report as is on both draft and final runs.

StylePlease use APA style. I do expect your paper to be edited carefully for grammar and clarity.  Also, please make sure to cite your sources properly to avoid even the perception of plagiarism. Report: Similarity less than 8%  I will not buy if it is more than this percent

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