research about physical therapy building |

The project that I will design is about physical Therapy and it will be for people who does not have an insurance so this place will help them and take care of them.

Also this building that I will design will include spa section for massage and facial for client.

The concept paper will be a (3) three pages paper not including citations. It needs to be in 12-point Times New Roman, Arial or Calibri font with 1.5 spacing. In this paper you will present your research finding as well as the thoughts you had relevant to the development of your design concept. You will specifically at least the following issues: The client/organization (who is the project about/for) What is the client/organization vision? What or who is their market or clientele?

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Human-centered research and evidence in the development of an interior that would positively impact human experience, behavior, and performance typologies, spa al organization, and historical references You will also include the various definitions you found for your word and explain which definition is the most relevant for your project. You will also explain your (3) three terms of criticism and how they are relevant for your project/client. This paper will follow either APA or MLA format. You must also use at least (10) ten sources (online sources, books, design journals, academic publications, etc.)


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