research based on case study

For this assignment, you are required to research a country relevant to the case assigned Burger King page 2 for a map of countries (see Course Outline).The purpose of the country report/presentation is to help students understand the culture of the country (or similar country) that is relevant to the assigned case scheduled for that date. Students will complete these assignments individually. You should read the relevant case but it is not necessary to provide a summary of the relevant case. Your main goal is to provide a comprehensive profile of the assigned country based on the country presentation guidelines provided below and must include the requested information. Country presentations will be graded on the basis of content (Did you provide all the required information as requested in the guidelines?), grammar, presentation skills, use of time and professionalism, etc. Use resources such as the business librarian, legitimate country websites (e.g. the country’s embassy website, the CIA World Fact Book, U.S. state department – etc. to gather information about the country.

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Required Country Presentation Content

  • Introduction
  • Background and Culture
  • Business Environment
  • Conclusion

• Provide an outline of the content of your presentation (tell the audience where you are heading).

• Include an introduction that provides a brief overview of the country. (I recommend that you include a brief video clip – no more than 3 minutes – about your country (photographs will also help)).

• Provide a brief description of the country’s history, focusing on the most important and relevant historical points. Start by discussing why this historical information is important to know and how it relates to doing business there. Provide a description of the cultural similarities and differences between your home country (could use the U.S.) and the other country; and the way these differences/similarities affect doing business in the country. You will need to discuss Hofstede’s Model of National culture as it applies to your assigned country. It might be helpful to focus on the most relevant dimensions, particularly those where there are major differences with your home country, and discuss each of them.

• Discuss the country’s level of industrialization, dominant religions and prevailing views about


• Discuss whether social inequality exists in this country.

• A brief description of the country’s business environment.

• A description of the concerns the country has about foreign companies operating there and how

to address those concerns.

• Discuss whether a multinational manager will face any ethical dilemmas when trying to do

business in this country.

• Provide a description of the communication and other problems foreign managers may face and

how to address these.

• Provide a summary that discusses the key points of your presentation.

• Provide a summary of the recommendations that you would suggest to others who may want to

do business in your assigned country.

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